The mission of PIEMACS is to guarantee fast prototyping of innovative piezoelectric MEMS devices. We make simulation to anticipate results and problems and help in the design process. Our capabilities extend from design of device and process over thin film deposition and patterning to the characterization of materials and test structures. PIEMACS provides innovative approaches to piezoelectric MEMS engineering services through short and longterm contracts centered on excellent scientific consulting and fast engineering prototyping. No other firms in this area that can offer such a complete package at the highest level. We believe that we can settle a service that will be.

Founding Principles

  • Client focus: We provide our customers with high quality and innovative services
  • Innovation: We create solutions that are bold and forward-thinking
  • Standard: Prototyping with standard commercial process and tools
  • Knowledge: Team with more than 25 years experience in piezoelectric MEMS

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